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About Us:

<Ascended> was formed on Sargeras, Alliance side, during the Tomb of Sargeras raid. As a guild composed of many groups of long time friends and former guildmates, Ascended has strived to build on those friendships and forge new ones as well. Ascended has since been a semi-hardcore oriented progression guild which seeks to clear content at a decent pace and have a great time doing so. Through recruitment, leadership, and like-minded individuals we foster a culture of fair, kind, skilled, and determined players.

Raid History:

As a guild we have continually improved ourselves and our progress throughout the subsequent raid tiers, even managing to sneak into Hall of Fame Alliance Eternal Palace rank 99/100:

  • Mythic Antorus: US 241
  • Mythic Uldir: US 197
  • Mythic Dazar’alor: US 130
  • Mythic Eternal Palace: US 88
  • Mythic Ny'alotha: US 127
  • Mythic Nathria US 181

Raid Schedule:


                8:00-11:00PM CST

We do not add mandatory raid days.

We do RC Lootcouncil tradeable gear.

Contact Us:

If you feel like this fits your intent and schedule please take a look at our Recruitment page for a list of open class needs and the google form Application link. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule an interview or decline. If you encounter any issues or have any further questions please get in touch with an officer on battlenet.

Officer Info:


                    Guild Master


                    co-Guild Master


                    Melee Officer


                    Tank Officer


                    Heal Officer


                    Ranged Officer